Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Seedbank: Nirvana

Super skunk  X  White widow

mostly Indica

Indoor: 8-9 weeks

Outdoor: beginning of October

Heigh: Middle

from 80 pcs ... 5.5 €
from 160 pcs ... 5 €
from 240 pcs ... 4,5 €
from 320 pcs ... 4 €
from 480 pcs ... 3.5 €


She is not named Wonder Woman for nothing, as she is extremely easy to grow, requires very little maintenance and does incredibly well outdoors in all climates.

Thanks to her indica heritage, expect her to stay low, yet bushy with a compact appearance.

Growers with small spaces will find this hybrid to be perfect as she stays short and chunky, without experiencing a large stretching period.

Dostupnost: on request

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